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Co-pilots Alan Mehanna and Had Solo review new movie releases, tv shows, react to trailers, chat about the latest headlines, all the while remembering their love of films and series.
If you want to have critical yet nontoxic conversations about the film and television industries, then consider SCRIPT2SCREEN your home!

What fans say about the podcast

My Weekly Go-To Film Podcast!

Script2Screen has become my weekly go-to podcast for anything related to films, series, and the whole industry that goes with it. Alan and Had are movie lovers, passionate about the subjects, the craft and will give it to you, no holds barred. In a media world that has become saturated with content, it has become hard to distinguish quality from fluff. No fluff here - just pure movie magic.

Youmna Naufal

A Big Fan of the Show!

It was an absolute blast being on air, especially since I'm a big fan of the show and believe the content is very well curated. I think a show about cinema is much needed and Script2Screen fills that gap gloriously.

Louie Yammine

A Glorious Buffet of Movie-Talk Goodness!

A glorious buffet of movie-talk goodness that's overflowing with charm and passion thanks to the wonderful hosting duo of Alan & Had. In such a saturated landscape of movie podcasts & talk shows, Script2Screen stands out as an essential voice thanks to a unique perspective, one that's always informed, entertaining and driven by an undying love for both art & industry. This is one worth making a detour for.

Bailey Parkinson

About the Hosts

Alan Mehanna

Alan Mehanna


Dubbed “The Lebanese Mr. Feeny,” by my film students, I’ve always had a love of inspiring others and leaving a positive legacy behind. What I love most, however, is film and television series and the debates that are born out of that love. A massive geek, and I say that without an ounce of shame, my passion for the craft that is filmmaking drove me to not just be a part of it but also explore it via the nontoxic yet critical conversations I have on Script2Screen now! Nothing makes me happier than hearing more people share their experience with a TV show or a film, and this is why I love what I do. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/alanmehanna Twitter: https://twitter.com/alanmehanna

Had Solo

Had Solo


Modern day master of sarcasm, super hero lover (If you’d cross those two over, I’d be known as Sarcasmo), movie and series lover! Working on legitimizing Alcoholiterians (you’ve got vegans, vegetarians, pesceterians, so why not this. Known to my friends as Had, I recently joined Script2Screen on this new galactic adventure thanks to my wonderful Chewie (Alan Mehana). I truly do love films, and believe they have played a huge part forging me into the person I am today. My fascination for film is endless and hopefully my thirst for finding those amazing movie gems is unquenchable! Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/had.solo

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