NewsHour - The Academy Caves in; Netflix Cancels Marvel; AVATAR 2 Family Angle; and Bond Shatterhand?

51 minutes

Introductions, Hellos and Minor News

Trailer of the Week: Rocketman

Movie(s) of the Week: Alita - Battle Angel; Fighting with my Family

Segment 1

Studios rereleasing Oldies instead of making remakes - is this a good idea?

The Academy Caves in and Oscars are back on in FULL

Jessica Jones and the Punisher have been cancelled - what now Netflix?

Segment 2

Lord of the Rings follows Marvel and Lucasfilms and keeps things under lock and key - new age of anti-spoilers?

Gwenyth Paltrow retires from the MCU and Christ Hemsworth takes on Hulk Hogan

Avatar 2 will focus on family it seems - not a bad direction...

Lebanese Box Office:

1. Cold Pursuit

2. Alita: Battle Angel

3. Happy Death Day 2 U

4. What Men Want

5. Maharaja


Alan's Pick: The Final Table on Netflix

Had's Pick: 

Final thoughts on the topics covered or new releases. Salutations and See you laters.

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